Brazen Story

Our Story

We got our inspiration after Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198; The Brazen Head.
If you consider that licensing laws only came into effect in 1635, this pub has been serving alcohol long before the laws were even enacted !!
At this time, soldiers on lookout at this bridge tended to warm their hands over burning barrels referred to as “braziers.” Hence the term, “braziers head” came about.

Many famous Irish rebels and literary figures throughout history have been regulars at the Brazen Head. Infamous rebel Oliver Bond lived and was arrested a few doors down from the pub. The Brazen Head has been awarded as a favorite watering hole for renowned writer James Joyce.
Joyce mentions the bar by name in his story, Ulysses, when the character Daedalus says, “You get a decent enough do at the Brazen Head.”